Arabic Calligraphy & Islamic Ornamentation

(3.0 Credits)


Course Description:

Islamic civilization is replete with a genuine heritage which found its roots in the dictates of the Islamic religion; Islamic art is one of the important facets of this heritage which was passed on to us across the generations and which encompasses versatile areas such as architecture, illustration, ceramics, metals, ornamentation, and Arabic calligraphy. Islamic ornamentation and Arabic calligraphy are one of the finest and most subtle of arts created by Muslim artists who found inspiration in nature for their ideas, designs, and ornamental and shaping components which they put together to create distinguished art. This is in addition to creating numerous aesthetically appealing shapes for Arabic letters, working from ornamental and geometrical bases. This course will introduce students to the most renowned forms of Arabic scripts which include: Nasskh, Ruqa`, Deewani, and Thuluth.